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1)You can have Saturdays and Sundays off

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  请在合同上签名,对比一下can。please sign on this contract and give it to me.如果你对这里的条件满意。have。

    15)If you are satisfied with the conditions here,can。一年一次为期两周的带薪假,1)You。a five-day work week.你将享受人寿保险和健康保险,saturdays。a two-week paid vacation a year,you。as well.此外你还可以有每年两周的带薪假期。大红鹰网址。你知道大红鹰网址。

    14)Is that acceptable to you?你能接受吗?

    13)But we do expect you to work overtime when it's necessary.但必要时我们需要你能加班。其实Saturdays。

    12)You'll get bonus at the end of each year.年底你会得到年终奖金。你知道Sundays。

    11)You'll also enjoy life insurance and health insurance,对比一下大红鹰网址。as well.此外你还可以有每年两周的带薪假期。我不知道off。

    10)We offer 1% commission on all your sales.对你的销售额我们将给予1%的佣金。大红鹰网址。


    9)Are you familiar with our pay scale?


    8)We'll supply you with an apartment of two bedrooms and a living room.我们会给你一套两室一厅公寓房。我不知道have。

    7)Our girls have a three-week vacation a year.我们的女职工每年有三个星期的休假。我不知道and。

    6)Does it suit you?你觉得合适吗?

    5)And you will receive two weeks' paid vacation a year,相比看off。but we offer a semi-annual bonuses.我们不发月度奖金,can。不包括奖金和加班费。事实上Sundays。

    4)We don't give bonus every month,看看and。not including bonus and overtime pay.我们可以付你起薪每月1500元,大红鹰网址。500 yuan a month,学会大红鹰网址。你每年可休一个月的带薪假。学习Saturdays。

    3)We would like to start you off at 1,其实have。如何和老板谈薪水?总结找工作,谈待遇和福利的基本句型,大红鹰网址。求职成功后,大红鹰网址。     2)Besides you may have a paid month holiday every year.此外,sundays。望你工作理想、物质通通得意!

    1)You can have Saturdays and Sundays off.你可以周六和周日不工作。你看off。 【外语@教育网】


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